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Introducing Greg and Tibor to the Team

Greg and Tibor come into the Copperfox fold as Business Advisors with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise, having both worked in businesses and with businesses primarily to help improve business performance in pursuit of growth. Here is a very brief synopsis of their background.

Greg Harrison – Business Advisor / Author / Entrepreneur

Greg has spent the last 30 years helping businesses grow and prosper as a CA, business advisor and mentor. Somehow in between all this he’s found time to write several books and develop a business app for the hospitality sector.

His vast expertise and experience includes working on strategic planning, business valuations, forensic accounting and helping business better leverage Microsoft Cloud and AI tools to improve productivity and performance.

Having founded several ventures in both the technology and apparel sectors, not to mention his book writing, Greg isn’t your traditional accountant or business advisor. He’s passionate about helping businesses and their teams grow and become more productive, all the while ensuring they understand the risks associated with their business activity. Greg’s a natural problem solver and is solutions orientated which is a skill well valued by existing and past clients.

Welcome aboard Greg, great to have you as part of the team.

Tibor Mackor - Business Advisor & Strategist

With over two decades of experience advising business owners on growth strategies, Tibor is well-versed in the challenges you face, especially when resources are limited. Tibor's impressive background as a former General Manager of a chartered accounting business has provided him with a wealth of knowledge working with various businesses worldwide, including New Zealand, South Africa, and Europe. His expertise lies in change management and driving business improvement and development, focusing on future business strategies to enhance productivity, growth, and profitability.

What sets Tibor apart is his unique perspective gained from his experience as a world champion sportsman and coach. He understands the significance of game-play, vision, and timing, and can help you leverage these skills to elevate your business to new heights.

Welcome aboard Tibor, your experience is going to be invaluable.

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