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Digital Solutions

Create and enhance business value through a better customer and employee experience. Introducing digital solutions to build greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout your business.

Some of our business growth and transformation services are detailed below.

IT Systemisation

Applying a standardised & systematic approach, using automation where appropriate, to eliminate or reduce manual & inefficient tasks


Enables a more reliable, customer centric approach to business which is more efficient and effective and improves the customer experience.


Technology Roadmaps

Applying and documenting a long-term lens to your technology infrastructure & future procurement intentions, that is aligned with future business requirements.


Aligning technology with desired business outcomes to help facilitate smarter business decisions and clearer, more efficient pathway.


Integrated Business Systems

Selecting and implementing software solutions that interconnect reliably with each other, making business activity easier. 


Allows for the efficient and effective facilitation of business. Better streamlined systems & processes that work well together. Allows a business to scale up without the exponential cost of doing so.


Digital Solutions -  Case Study

The Situation

We have been working with a client in the infrastructure sector, a sector which is recognised as technologically lagging behind other industries, with billions of dollars in potential productivity and cost reductions missed due to a lack of investment in enabling digital technology. The industry is digitally immature, siloed and commonly understood to be ‘ripe for disruption.’

Our client was keen to focus on ways to accelerate their digital innovation, including changing ways of working across the business to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. 

Our Approach

Our business advisors worked with the client on establish the “To Be” state and defined the key outcomes which included:

  • Improving client and employee experience

  • Increasing productivity and business efficiencies

  • Showcasing the client as a leading innovator and technologically advanced organisation

  • Improving the revenues, business commercial models and profit margins


The key business processes were identified to achieve the outcomes, corresponding initiatives defined with business cases.  Teams were brought together (a combination of technical, business and digital skills) to work in a “Agile” manner using “Agile Tools and techniques” From a change management perspective, the changes initiated were gradual and methodical, all individually contributing to a positive return on investment, but combined helped transform the productivity and efficiency across the business.

The client also worked with a leading “Public Cloud” provider and established a cloud platform on which all these solutions were deployed. 


Client Outcomes

The management and the key executive team were very supportive of the “Digital Program” which included, change management initiatives and getting all the employees together and involved, to help embed these solutions within the business’s processes. 


In the last one year alone, the business was able to design and deploy the cloud platform along with 10 solutions for key business process, which combined brought in a “Return of Investment” of 200 %. That meant for every dollar invested the business was able to get 2 dollars back. The results in the last year have been excellent and all their stated objectives are on target to be achieved.

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