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Your Business Health Check

CopperFox PULSE™ is a business health check tool that is designed to get you thinking about all aspects of your business and how well you are managing them. At the very least it’s a sanity check: that you are ticking all the important boxes. Conversely, it’s a tool that will help provide you with areas of focus that when fixed or strengthened, will help improve business performance. 

So how does it work? 


Over the course of the 5 minute survey, we ask 28 questions across 7 categories covering the key elements of any business. You are asked to respond from a number of multi choice answers that best express where your business is currently at. In the back end there are scores attached to each response and at the end of the survey your business is graded with a brief narrative.  Within the questions there are a few that we consider “critical focus points”, these are questions on important aspects of your business. Depending on your response you might trigger an immediate response on one or more of these. It’s simply to bring to your attention the need for further work in those areas.  


All the information we capture is confidential and not shared with anyone else. While we ask for some basic information up front, it is so we can provide benchmarking information back to you, comparing your business health against others in your industry, geographic location or of similar size. 

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