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Big Data Analytics​ 

Quality data analytics that enables organisations to base important decisions on facts. Unlock hidden value and drive measurable results.

Our team of business data and insights specialists have the expertise to provide you with the structured management of business data that then provides in-depth operational, financial, and customer-centric trends and insights, allowing you to make more evidence-based decisions and capitalise on critical business insights. 


Some of our services are detailed below.

Business & operational performance analysis

Business insights gathered by collating data from across the business and applying appropriate tools to better understand trends and relationships with other data views that describe what’s happening in your business.


Data insights at a granular level, not normally available through conventional transactional period reporting, that allows for better, more in-depth & timely analysis that then assists managers make better business decisions.


Decision making dashboards

Our business consultants will set up reporting that visually depicts trends, in an easy to understand format, for a wide reaching audience 


Provides a platform for a flexible and interactive view of data & information, providing your business with the tools it needs to make informed business decisions. 


AI and Machine learning

Replacing slow manual responses with automated insightful timely responses


Enables ‘smart’ systems to speed up repetitive activity, reducing human intervention & error. Introduces greater efficiency and effectiveness to business processes.  


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Working with Copperfox

Copperfox provides specialised business analytics strategy, business consulting, and implementation to help your business grow. 

We work to empower businesses to make the most of their data using the right tools, processes and practices, necessary to deliver tangible business value and support reliable informed decision making.  

Our data analytics consultants are proven experts in managing business data, with extensive experience in data governance, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data migration, data integration, setting up business and financial dashboards, and data platforms.

1  — Data security

Privacy and security are key concerns for our data analytics experts. Our data solutions will help you access key business data while ensuring that you comply with New Zealand's data security laws and regulations, while keeping your confidential business information secure, and protecting your customers’ privacy.

2  — Agile Business Intelligence

The transition to an insight-driven business depends on the right people gaining quick and easy access to data, business intelligence, and analytics. We work with your business to develop big data solutions that leads to a better understanding of customers, markets, and operations, and enhances your ability to respond to a rapidly changing  business environment.

3 — Bespoke Solutions

Every business is different and we take that into account - creating bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs. By carefully designing the right solution to meet your businesses specific challenges, our team of expert data consultants will help you achieve outcomes that work for your organisation and that deliver value.

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Big Data Analytics Case Study

The Situation

Our client is a reputable engineering services company covering multiple sectors from coastal hazards to water science, hydrology, landfill, and geoscience. They’d accumulated a large amount of data from several years in operation including geotechnical tests, groundwater monitoring, lab results and project data.


Over the years, different data sources and databases were spread across multiple platforms, which, in turn, made data analysis practically impossible. They were dealing with a multitude of clients and struggled to get a consolidated view of any of their projects.


The business quickly realised that their business data consolidation was key to improving efficiency and allowing further development of their digital solutions.

 Our Approach

We interviewed multiple stakeholders and quickly identified major sources of data that needed to be cleaned, processed, and stored in an easy and accessible way. The concept of a “Lake House” (using Cloud Services) was introduced to the business, which enabled storage of both structured and unstructured data in a unified way.


Lake House enabled the business to analyse big data, automate many of its processes and create several dashboards for financial and operational reporting.

Client Outcomes

To summarise, data that previously held little commercial value was translated to become useful information with a friendly user interface that was secure, affordable, and futureproof, supporting a single version of the truth that then enabled robust decision making. 


Multiple sources of data were uploaded to the Lake House which allowed staff to access all project metrics expediently.

The cost of data storage reduced significantly by introducing the cloud platform and the appropriate level of storage.

A simple data application was created using Lake House data (single repository), which enabled staff to reduce the time spent generating some reports by 90%.

The new data management architecture (Lake House) significantly simplified business data infrastructure and accelerated innovation by enabling machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

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