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Currently we don’t maintain a corporate office as such, nor is it our intention to do this in the near future. We don’t feel
that this is necessary for us to still provide you an insightful and valuable service. By avoiding fixed overheads we are able to be very competitive with our pricing for clients. The geographies we service is nationwide New Zealand, and on occasion internationally.

Where are your offices and what locations do you service?

We are able to support you in a manner that best suits you, including working on site or remotely.  Our Managing Partners and Associates are all at least double vaccinated if not boosted. 

How are you approaching the Covid situation, when applying your services and support?

If you feel you are obtaining good service from your current advisors we won’t want to change anything and will work collegially with them in your best interests.  If you are currently dissatisfied, we can tap into our wider network to develop a bespoke solution for your requirements.

We have an existing business consultant. Would you replace them or how would you work alongside them?

There is neither a minimum nor maximum financial or time commitment required of you.  We stand by our objective to provide a tailored solution to our customers, also standing by the quality of that service, whatever form it takes. 

What is the minimum and maximum level of service you are able to provide?

Our Managing Partners and Associates are all very experienced and don’t require day to day management as such. You do however need to be available to answer questions or make decisions on key issues arising from our work.  Our Managing Partners provide high level oversight of the engagement to ensure that deliverables are being met in accordance with an agreed approach, timeline and budget where appropriate.

As a client, to what extent do we need to manage your Associate? What kind of oversight if any do you provide

We anticipate small changes will occur on the job as we discover information, and these will be navigated with ease. Where however there is significant change, our Managing Partners will discuss this with you before proceeding further. If need be, we will revise the scope of work. 

How do we handle a situation where the nature of the work changes in scope or timeline after you’ve started?

Our default situation is to be paid for work undertaken as this is what our Associates need, to live.  In limited situations we may agree to remuneration based on risk sharing and / or sweat equity but this would need to be agreed at the outset.

Can you accommodate a situation where you are paid based on outcomes rather than time, or equity in lieu of payment?

 As a client your agreement is with us. We maintain an agreement with our Associate for the services they provide with you, We invoice you monthly providing a timesheet that details work undertaken by the Associate if required.  Payment is due by you within 10 days of invoice date. This applies for hourly or daily rate engagements which is our norm.  Alternatively, should you prefer to work on a retainer basis, which is equally fine, our contract and invoicing with you will be amended accordingly. 

On what basis do we contract and pay Copperfox?

This is extremely unlikely although it does occasionally happen. We would simply swap out the Associate if this occurred ensuring you aren’t charged for the transition. In the event we were unable to do this, we would simply end the engagement. 

What happens when your Associate isn’t the right fit for us, either in relation to cultural fit or technical expertise?

Yes we can. Our Associates are well experienced with breadth and depth of expertise so could tailor this accordingly.

Can you help with mentoring staff, e.g. finance and administration staff?


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section, an area of our website where we at Copperfox aim to clarify our position on certain key questions about us and our way of operating. Should you find we haven’t answered your specific question, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct and we will do our best to provide further clarification for you

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