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Understanding your Digital Journey

How Digitisation can add value to your business

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how organisations conduct business and deliver value to customers.

Digital has different connotations for different businesses depending on its adoption and the maturity of the organisation, but in simple terms, it means: Adding further value to the organisation.

The Digital Journey

The objective around digitisation is always to build efficiency and effectiveness into an organisation. It is about creating and enhancing business value through better customer and employee experiences.

It starts with defining the organisation’s Vision and Mission. We work with senior management to develop and define the “Why”, “What” and “How”. This translates into a number of key outcomes that help define the business and their journey to be taken. which is then mapped out from the Current state through to the “To-Be” or desired state.

We detail out the business processes that need to be digitised or automated, engaging with management, staff and key stakeholders of the business throughout the Digital Programme, while also ensuring the Return on Investment is available at its initiation. Our initial focus is on areas where a change and improvement can be significant, in some cases a game changer, while throughout the process we apply an Agile methodology to each step in the digital journey. Often the changes are to a business's infrastructure and technology, often an area of the business that is left behind developments in other parts of the business.

We apply tools, templates, and models along with an experienced team to help develop the foundation of any digital journey. They include:

  1. Work to understand the current state, identify the gaps, and define the “to-be state”

  2. Plan the key outcomes required to reach the “to-be state”

  3. Identify the critical business processes that are required to be digitised

  4. Define the initiatives needed to achieve the outcomes within the business processes

  5. Work out the Return on Investment for these initiatives

  6. Prioritise, Build, Deploy and Refine the initiatives to reach the “To-be state”.

Digitisation and automation are key drivers to increasing and protecting the Enterprise value of your business. It allows you to operate more effectively and efficiently, especially in times of disruption and uncertainty. Its application can be applied piecemeal with positive ROI delivered along the way, and the more that it is applied, the greater the gains.

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