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How 'Simple Numbers' Can Revolutionize Your Business Insights with Power BI

Are you struggling to extract meaningful information from your accounting or ERP system?

Many entry-level accounting packages struggle to provide a detailed, inexpensive or flexible way of viewing your business's operating performance. Our information dashboard and analysis tool, powered by Power BI, is here to help.

With customizable dashboards, you can analyze business performance across multiple dimensions gaining valuable insights into your operations. From customer behavior to sales team performance, our 'Simple Numbers' tool provides you with the information you need to make more informed decisions and drive business growth.


1. Connect your Data

Connect your accounting or ERP system to the 'Simple Numbers' dashboard, allowing you to automatically import real-time business data quickly without the need for spreadsheets or coding.

2. Design your Dashboard

We work with you to build a custom dashboard to meet your specific requirements. You will be able to utilise multiple dimensions to view your business or financial performance including: by customer, supplier, product, geography, sales team, or project.

3. Access your information

User friendly and interactive graphs, tables, and reports allow you to easily view information how you want it, all with the ability to drill down to transaction details, providing you with multiple views of how your business is or has been performing.

'Simple Numbers' provides you and your team with a single source of the truth, removing the need for multiple reports, data points, or systems, and instead provides a comprehensive multi-dimensional view of your business's performance, all at your fingertips.


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