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7 Questions on Leadership: Tony Rutherford

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Recently, Tony Rutherford was asked for his thoughts on leadership by podcaster and author Jonno White

Have you ever felt like you've reached the pinnacle of success, only to realize that it feels empty and unfulfilling? That's what Tony Rutherford, Managing Partner of CopperFox, felt after reaching the level of CFO in his early 40s. But instead of continuing down a path that left him unfulfilled, he took a leap of faith and started consulting to "find himself" professionally.

Tony's journey has been anything but traditional. He started New Zealand's first CFO outsourcing business and ran it for 7 years while also supporting private clients. And just over a year ago, he set up CopperFox in conjunction with his business partner Rob Erskine.

In a recent interview with author and podcaster, Jonno White, Tony opened up about his career, as well as his personal values and how he's been embedding them in his brand to offer something relevant and valued by prospective clients. He talks about his natural affinity with people, his ability to communicate and demonstrate professional credibility, and his focus on staying impartial to do what's right for his clients.

He also offers some thoughts on how to structure a routine in a way that listens to your body and takes into account your mental and physical rhythm in order to maintain balance.

He also discusses his leadership style, which is different but complementary to his business partner's. Tony has enormous respect for Rob and recognizes that their different operating systems deliver value in different ways.

Tony's story is inspiring, and there's so much to learn from his journey. If you're looking for motivation to follow your passion, start early and attract like-minded individuals that you vibe with, then you should definitely read the full interview. It's a must for anyone who wants to build a successful business while staying true to their values.


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