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Helping you navigate the complexities and challenges of the manufacturing industry

CopperFox - Your trusted partner for business growth and transformation.

We’re Proactive Problem Solvers & Change Managers

Commercial Intelligence for Better Business

For hard working business owners, CopperFox are the hands-on experts that work alongside you to tune up your business performance and help you make smarter decisions so you can sleep better at night.

Challenges Manufacturing Businesses Face 

  1. I want to grow my business.

  2. I'm working ridiculous hours with little financial return

  3. I don't know if my business metrics are good or bad  and need some insights

  4. My cashflow is inadequate and / or unpredictable

  5. My business processes are highly manual and are grinding the business to a halt.

  6. I’m not sure my product costings are accurate

How we can Help You

  1. Identify the right growth strategy and working out a plan to put it into action

  2. Bringing our commercial, financial and operational expertise to the problem

  3. We'll recommend and help implement analytical tools & analysis that provides accurate and detailed financial and operational insights

  4. A full financial analysis of creditors, debtors and your billing processes, with fast fix actions and a longer-term finance plan

  5. Analyse your processes and build a roadmap for a digital transformation of the business

  6. Help introduce end to end costing practices that enable accurate pricing of all products made.

Outcomes we expect to Deliver

  1. Clear focus and direction and a measurable plan to grow the business

  2. Transition to working smarter rather than harder

  3. Introduce tools & analysis that enables better fact-based decisions to be made going forward

  4. Greater clarity and transparency on your current & future cashflow position

  5. Smart investment in automation of key business processes that make the business scalable and run better

  6. Provide greater confidence about what it costs to produce individual product sku’s

What We Do

At CopperFox, we are committed to helping our clients Build Better Manufacturing Sector Companies.


Our services are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of businesses set up to manufacture products either for the local market or for overseas. We understand the pressures that businesses in this industry face, from managing your supply chain to resourcing skilled talent, managing complex projects and navigating cash flow challenges.​

We’ve worked with large Electrical Services companies, Building Maintenance companies, Civil Engineering and Land Development firms and Builders, helping them firstly secure a foundation for ongoing growth (business & operating structures), but also implementing important processes and procedures that makes managing their business more effective and efficient.

We embed ourselves within your management team to provide useful insight, analysis and advice around trends, performance, risk management and the most effective way to manage and grow the business, analysing the feasibility of options and opportunities along the way. 

​In our experience, critical areas of exposure for the Manufacturing Sector include the management of your supply chain, pricing of products ensuring they are fully costed, managing waste and inefficiencies, critical investment in Plant & machinery; cashflow management, and having sufficiently accurate transparency on production performance. Often owners are so embedded in the hectic day to day operational activities of the business, they are prevented from working on the business as opposed to in it.

Our Services

Commercial Support

Regular and on-demand commercial advice in relation to business performance, financial position, and activities that enhance organisational value. 

Improvement Projects

Prioritised improvement initiatives (things like processes and systems, capital raising or restructures, supply chain management, and others) that deliver enhanced enterprise value.

Big Data Analytics

Structured management of business data that then provides in-depth operational, financial, and customer-centric trends and insights, allowing for more evidence-based decision making. 

Using technologies to enhance existing operating models and value-producing opportunities, thereby improving the overall customer experience. 

Advisory Board

Flexible on-demand access to experienced senior people resources that strengthen and compliments your leadership team and lead to delivering better results.   

Executive Mentoring

Empowered and capable business leaders aligned with each other, to contribute more effectively in delivering on an organisation’s strategy

Meet our team of experienced business consultants

We are agile, adaptive, and skilled problem solvers who tailor our business support to your specific needs, to deliver outcomes that have enduring value. ​Our experienced consultants are recognised as proactive, results-oriented leaders who work collaboratively with clients to deliver business growth and outcomes that have enduring value.​ As your business consultant, we will navigate our way around obstacles throughout the life cycle of your business while all the time enjoying the lighter moments in celebrating your success, as life is too short not to enjoy the people you work with. 

Managing Partner

+64 21 254 7169

Rob is the co-founder of CopperFox. He has over 30 years’ experience in business, the last 10 of which has been spent consulting with private clients. 

Managing Partner

+64 21 222 7792

Tony is co-founder of CopperFox. He has 30 years of experience in business and established NZ’s first outsourced CFO business.

Associate, Advisory Board Chair

+64 215 38556

Leigh is an experienced Business, Sales & Marketing Strategy Consultant joining CopperFox as an Associate.


+64 21 545 372

Tibor has over 20 years’ experience in business consultancy & a real passion for improving businesses strategic focus, growth and prosperity. 

Greg Harrison


+64 274 384023

Greg has spent the last 30 years helping businesses grow and prosper as a CA, business advisor and mentor.

Paul Yallop


+6421 260 3065


Paul’s illustrious career has spanned many sectors including technology, retail, wholesale, hospitality and the “not for profit” sector.

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