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The latest business news, opinion, trends and analysis from the CopperFox team, in order to help you make sense of an uncertain business environment. Topics covered include: management, finance, big data, business strategy and planning, digital solutions, commercial intelligence, executive mentoring, staff retention, advisory boards, improvement projects and business growth strategies, 

Is it time to hit pause? The Rise of AI, Mitigation of Risks and a move towards Responsible AI


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In 2023, the ascent of AI technology has exceeded all previous projections, becoming an integral part of daily life across industries. However, with its exponential growth comes a chorus of voices, including influential figures like Elon Musk and Gary Marcus, calling for a six-month pause on the development of AI systems with human-competitive intelligence, citing profound risks to humanity.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Business


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In this article, we present the top 10 tips for successful business planning and execution to help you navigate the dynamic and competitive landscape.

Financial Market Update: Central Banks Around the Globe Hike Interest Rates, but Reserve Bank of New Zealand


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Dwayne Jones, an experienced treasury specialist at Bancorp provides a quarterly finance market update, dissecting the current state of the New Zealand market.

The Skillful Art of Delegation


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Delegated Authority. It’s a term banded around in large organisations but what is it and why is it important? The reality is that unless you are a one-person business owner where everything sits with you, then some form of delegated authority is relevant to your business.

Business Consultancy – fulfilling an important need


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In our latest blog, we explore the benefits of engaging with professional consultants who provide specialised expertise and objective assessments. Learn how a consultancy can help you navigate capability or capacity constraints, implement solutions, and complete special projects. Discover the advantages of tapping into their vast knowledge and experience, leveraging proven strategies from other clients while respecting confidentiality. We also highlight the importance of unbiased guidance, stakeholder alignment, and selecting the right consultancy for your industry and values.

Tips on how to be more Proactive than Reactive in the Workspace


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Discover the power of proactive work habits for business success. In our latest blog post, we share key strategies to shift from reactive to proactive, boosting productivity and focus. Learn how to identify revenue-generating activities, declutter your environment, and streamline systems. Find out the three keys to being proactive and take control of your time management. Business coach Helen Corban provides expert insights.

The Essentials of Asset Financing


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This article from Adrian Hunt highlights the importance of aligning funding terms with revenue cycles, consolidating debt, and structuring asset loans appropriately.

The Claim Process: Have you got in nailed?


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Are you tired of the challenges associated with managing construction claims and cash flow? Our blog will help you discover the importance of clear contracts, effective communication, and meticulous documentation. Doing so will help your business to streamline its processes, enhance project management, and boost profitability.

Unleashing the Power of Digital Transformation: When Your Business Should Get Started


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Digital transformation is not a decision to be taken lightly. This article helps you understand when and why to embark on a digitisation project.

Top 10 AI Statistics Everyone Should Know


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Discover the impressive AI statistics that are shaping our lives and society in 2023. With a positive economic impact of over $15 trillion by 2030, AI is set to revolutionize the way we work and live. From creating new jobs to saving billions in the banking sector, AI's impact is far-reaching and ever-growing. Get a glimpse into the future of AI and its potential to change the world in this insightful article.

7 Questions on Leadership: Tony Rutherford


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In a wide-ranging interview, Tony Rutherford was asked for his thoughts on leadership

A Guide To Navigating Digital Transformation


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Digital transformation without a roadmap can have disastrous consequences. This article considers the importance of road mapping for your digital transformation journey in seven distinct phases.

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